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An enjoyable classic for young children, penned by Dr. Seuss, the celebrated children’s book author, The Foot Book, is remembered for its wacky, funny, and unique depiction of feet.

Presenting the concept of opposites through its zany descriptions of all types of feet, from Wet feet to Dry feet, His feet to Her feet, Left to Right, Up feet to Down feet, The Foot Book is a great book for building vocabulary, developing reading skills, and learning new adjectives.
A highly entertaining and quirky book, with its hilarious illustrations and fascinating rhymes, The Foot Book is an enthralling tribute to the multifaceted world of feet. This version of the original classic book, promises to be even more fun, interactive, and exciting, due to its big board book format, armed with fun flaps, and an entire range of peel-off stickers, set to mesmerise a whole new generation of young readers, once again.

A funny book of opposites highlighting concepts such as night and day, high and low, front and back, this book rejoices in all kinds of feet, from slow feet, quick feet, and even fuzzy fur feet.

All the characters described in The Foot Book are well described, and funny. They vividly express the words they are associated with. For instance, “slow feet” are described by a huge monster with long ears and arms hanging still, and a sense of calmness in his eyes and smile. This image paints a picture of sheer laziness, as readers can easily imagine him walking in slow motion. “Trick feet” are denoted by a dog juggling with his feet.

The most attractive feature of this book, is the use of rhyme and repetitive phrases, that encourage young readers to anticipate what the words will read. This is an excellent tool in children's books, because rhymes give a certain brightness and melody to the readers’ voices as they read out loud.

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