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Written by James Allen, As You Think is one of the best books on self-motivation. It puts forward the message that to achieve excellence in life, it is important to have a strong mental resolve. The foremost philosophy in the book explains that the key to achieving personal power lies only in the mind. The author states that it is possible to unlock the greatest success and that the truth can really set us free from our own self imposed restrictions. Furthermore, it also stresses on the need to make proper use of tools and resources so as to achieve excellence.

As You Think has also been further edited with new information by Marc Allen so as to suit present times. The author also stresses on the fact that these principles hold the same significance for everyone irrespective of sex, education, race or age. The book teaches us that our mindsets either lead us to success or failure. Thus, with the help of universal principles that can be applied to every individual, this book is a powerful reminder that our success and failures are a result of only our thought process.

Still in circulation today, the book is considered as one of the best pieces that have been written about self-motivation.

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