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While everyone in the world has recognised the need for money, the power of money, and the grasp that money has over everyone’s lives in general, many are yet to learn the ways in which they unknowingly drain money. This book brings to light the various methods that can be put into practice by people to ensure that they retrieve blocked money or even draw money towards themselves, and use money as an aid to lead them towards great successes. I Love Money 2nd Edition is a book that addresses similar concerns and answers multiple questions one might have stumbled upon regarding money, and other questions one probably did not even know could exist.

Written in an extremely interactive, crisp and alluring manner, the book comprises of 13 chapters in all. It begins with an interesting Introduction, following which there are chapters that tackle concepts like the importance of money, money rituals, an instruction manual to money and its perfect handling, spending and saving money, money in family and organisations, and behaviour and conditioning with regards to money.

There is a Foreword by Money in the first few pages of the book and a few pages are devoted to activities for the readers. Every chapter has been divided into sub-parts. Within each sub-part, there are thought-provoking quotes with regards to money, and the book is replete with illustrations to help in explaining the concepts being handled. 

While there are instruction manuals for almost everything that is used in daily life to ensure these things are used safely and to their highest capacity, there are not many guidebooks that provide help with regards to handling money in a perfect manner. The author has written this book keeping the same concern in mind.

The book is well-researched and the content of the book has been derived from workshops conducted by the author over the past 12 years, known as Money Workshops, on various tried and tested money techniques. The book has also been widely translated.

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