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Robert Carsteers, ICS novel 'Hadhmaj Village' was published in 1935. Santhal Parganas division of Jharkhand under current Amdhapadha and Litipadha blocks with real characters and real villages were created in 1855, the novel "stab" describes the eyes appears commentary. The novel describes the heroes of the village community in existence today and is still remembered by faith, who would sacrifice freedom for the soul.
Carsteers Santhal Parganas district from 1885 to 1898, almost 13 years as the Deputy Commissioner are posted in Dumka. Arlarlkel Translated by the Roman Santali Rapaj Kisku novel published in 1946. The important documentary 'Hadhmawac Ato "was called. Hindi translation of the Santali-'aese's stab version.
Indeed, this novel Carsteers only so, so that the actual conditions of their workplace and the English way of his countrymen to introduce the readers, which the tribals, especially Santhal tribal life, their conduct, customs and were unaware of the freedom-loving character.

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