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Soups and Salads are very important to a meal. In fact it is recommended that you start a meal with a soup and salad to enhance the variety in a meal and to scale up the overall nutritional value. This book, in its new version, comes to you with a collection of new, interesting, delicious recipes of soups, salads and accompaniments that are drawn from cuisines across the world. The selection of recipes use ingredients that are locally available, are easy to make, and most importantly they are delectable. We have divided the book into the following sections: Soups, Soup Accompaniments and Salads. The SOUPS section contains a variety of recipes like the French Onion Soup, page 16, Hot Borscht, page 29, Italian Minestra, page 35, Tamatar ka Shorba, page 36, and more. SOUP ACCOMPANIMENTS like Tomato, Capsicum and Cheese Croutons, page 39, Herbal Butter, page 42, are included for you to enhance the flavours of your soup multi-fold. And the SALADS section has an exciting range of salads like the Roasted Corn Salad, page 54, Tropical Indian Salad, page 68, Arabic Salad, page 72 and much more. Simple recipes that can be incorporated into your daily diet, and a few rich ones that can be prepared for special occasions, there is a wide range for every palate. Go on try all the recipes and put together a wonderful meal for your loved ones.

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