Business Maharajas

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Business Maharajas is an engrossing inside story of eight business tycoons who have been described as the most powerful in all of Asia. With a combined turnover of more than INR 55,000 crore, Piramal�s selection is bang on target. The author has picked the best talent from among the big family businesses.

Business Maharajas profiles noted business tycoons like Rahul Bajaj, Brij Mohan Khaitan, Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, R. P. Goenka, Bharat and Vijay Shah and Aditya Birla. Piramal has presented the lives of these business giants in detail along with an overview of their business tactics. There are various details and incidents which are woven together from different newspaper reports and publications. Gita Piramal has peppered the book with interesting anecdotes and personal accounts.

Business Maharajas attempts to present a series of highly prominent yet critical episodes which are illustrative in the context of the high profile careers of these men. There are little quotes and details which give the book a popular touch. These include Ramnath Goenka and Dhirubhai Ambani�s rivalry and their truce, the kidnapping of Bharat Shah�s son-in-law�s twin and payment of a million US dollars as ransom and Nusli Wadia�s presence at the wedding of a daughter of the Ambani family.

Various important quotes and beliefs of these powerful industrialists are mentioned in this book. Gita Piramal�s book reveals how all these men took radically different routes to success amidst certain startlingly common disparities. She also highlights how each of these men had crucial mentorship and luck at some point of their lives which propelled them upwards.

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