The Shift

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"In this compelling film, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explores the spiritual journey from ambition to meaning. The powerful shift from the ego constructs what were taught early in life by parents and societywhich promote achievement and accumulationare shown in contrast to a life of meaning, focused on serving and giving back. Join Dr. Wayne Dyer in a story that will capture your imagination and send you on your own quest for a life of meaning and purpose. The movie portrays the stories of three modern lives in crisis a young mother who nurtures everyone but herself, an overachieving husband who has forgotten what love means, and a moviemaker desperate for the opportunity that will make him worthy in his own eyes. Every life has a turning point, a shift, a choice to make about what really matters. Its the story of the most important moments of your life when you stop striving and start arriving! Its the choice you make to move forward towards a life that gathers up the pieces of your best, most fulfilled, most loving self. Its the moment when you start living a life rich with meaning and begin playing music you came here to play! This entertaining film not only inspires, but also teaches us how to create a life of meaning and purpose.

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