Sherlock Holmes: The Eligible Bachelor

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Adapted from the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


All over London, the newspaper headlines have shouted the news of the aristocratic Lord St Simon's engagement to Hettie Doran, a young American lady made wealthy by her father's fortunes in the Cali?fornia gold rush. Now she is about to enter into one of the most ancient families in Britain. When the wedding day dawns, the handsome couple are married in great splendour. But among the onlookers are a mysterious veiled woman, and the actress Flora Miller, Lord St Simon's former mistress. And it is during Flora's angry arrival at the door of the Dorans' home, just as the wedding breakfast is about to begin, that Hettie disappears... This is what brings the Lord to the doorstep of the ace detective residing at 221B Baker Street ? ?Sherlock Holmes?! ?The Eligible Bachelor? is dramatised from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's story 'The Noble Bachelor' and is packed with all the intrigue and suspense that a Sherlock Holmes case promises.

Mystery Writers of America Award _ Edgar Allen Poe Award

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