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The first Indian film to appear on the Top Twenty Box Office charts in USA, TAAL made##Hollywood relook at Indian cinema-be it A.R . Rahman's award-winning musical score or##the inspiring theme, 'Don't fall in love... Rise in love!' Manav (Akshaye Khanna), the##brilliant young son of NRI billionaire (Amrish Puri), falls in love with the beautiful Mansi##(Aishwarya Rai), a gifted folk singer and dancer on his visit to a small town in Himachal##Pradesh. But their love pledge is threatened when Mansi and her highly-respected father,##folk singer Tarababu (Aloknath), are insulted and humiliated by Manav's family in##Mumbai. Disillusioned, Mansi vows to climb up the ladder of success in Manav's ruthless##world of materialism with the help of Vikrant (Anil Kapoor), a music composer and head##of an entertainment company. Soon the three are locked in an intriguing situation, looking for a solution?

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