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Blind from birth, Zooni Baig lives in a small town 45 kilometers from Gulmarg in the State of Kashmir, India, with her protective parents, Zulfikar, and Nafisa. When she expresses a desire to travel to Delhi with a dance troupe of local girls, her parents initially refuse permission, but subsequently relent. As a result, Zooni travels on her own for the first time. Upon arrival in Delhi, the troupe is met by their Guide, Rehan Khan, who takes an instant liking to Zooni, soon both fall in love, and on her last day in Delhi, sleep together. Rehan wants Zooni to regain her vision and gets her admitted to a local hospital, while she invites her parents to witness her regaining her sight as well as meet her lover. SPOILER- Rehan is dispatched to pick them from Delhi but on the way there he is killed in a bomb explosion by Independent Kashmiris Front (IKF), a militant organization that wants an independent Kashmir without interference from both India and Pakistan. Zooni does regain her vision, she gets to see her parents for the first time, but is devastated to learn of Rehan's passing. The Baigs then return home, where a few months later Zooni gives birth to a baby boy, Rehan Jr.. 5 years later, Nafisa passes away, leaving the close-knit family in tears. Then two years after this, there is a knock on the door on a stormy snowy night. The door is opened by Zooni who sees an Indian Army Officer, Major Rajvir Singh, seriously wounded and in need of urgent medical attention. She lets him in, while Zulfikar does his best to care to his wounds. What the Baigs do not know is that Rajvir's entry into their household is a harbinger for havoc and death, as he is not who he claims to be, but is a terrorist who has managed to get a hold of a nuclear trigger, which when attached to a nuclear device could result in a explosion killing millions. Watch what happens when Zulfikar and Zooni come to know via television who this young man really is.

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